Purple Flowering Rasperry – great edible ornamental for shade. Credit to Kim Moa.

Owner Benjamin Crouch launched Land of Plenty in January 2011 to broaden the reach of his organic gardening and landscaping business. As a NOFA Accredited Organic Landscape Professional and Ecological Landscape Association affiliate, Ben offers expertise in edible landscaping. The business specializes in using environmentally friendly techniques to maximizing the growing potential of spaces small to large. All of the services that the business offers are in accordance with the Northeast Organic Farming Association Land Care Standards.

The mission is to work with property owners to create sustainable landscapes. Land of Plenty primarily uses materials that are sustainably produced or harvested. As a former director for EarthWorks Urban Orchards and Urban Wilds programs, Ben offers in-depth knowledge of, fruit and nut-bearing trees and shrubs, and plants for attracting birds and helpful insects.

The Land of Plenty approach is designed to take advantage of the opportunities that a garden space has to offer. Landscape conditions that are prohibitive to certain plants are advantageous others. By selecting and matching the “right plants for the right places”, we reduce the risk of disease, pests, and maintenance headaches that come with plants that are improperly planted. By working closely with a client, we can reduce costs while offering a hands-on instruction in organic land and plant care for the client. In addition to ornamental and wildlife-friendly plants, there are opportunities for planting fruiting trees and shrubs that will grow in sun or shade, small spaces, containers and all types of soils.


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